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Some major changes coming to HS football officiating

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  • Some major changes coming to HS football officiating

    So after attending the Fort Worth regional official’s clinic yesterday, three major points of emphasis were given regarding rule changes; each of which will have a major impact on games this year:

    -Beginning with the 5th overtime, teams will get the ball at the three yard line for a single play for a 2-point conversion.

    -When there is less than one minute in each half, penalties that result in a stoppage in play will result in a 10-second runoff of the game clock along with the penalty yardage. The team charged with the penalty can use a timeout to avoid the 10-second runoff, however.

    -A major point of emphasis this year will be on targeting penalties. There will now be two categories, flagrant and non-flagrant. A flagrant will result in an automatic ejection. A non-flagrant will only result in penalty yards; it will take two non-flagrant targeting penalties on the same player in a game to warrant ejection.

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