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Falcons soar, snag berth with a gritty but solid win against Brownsville Veterans


  • Falcons soar, snag berth with a gritty but solid win against Brownsville Veterans

    Fabian Rodriguez intercepts a key pass late in the 3rd quarter and stops Veterans drive into Los Fresnos territory.

    (Stats Courtesy of RGVsports, branch of McAllen Monitor)

    Pics of the game:

    If you see a 35-10 scoreline, you might think the game was a blowout. It wasn't. Brownsville Veterans did their best to keep it close for 3 quarters but once the dam burst, Los Fresnos seized the opportunity.

    Los Fresnos also made opportunities as they intercepted passes from Vets Quarterback Marcus Castillo and were able to capitalize on most of them.

    The biggest problem for Vets passing game was the stiff wind when they threw against it and Los Fresnos took full advantage and made the Chargers pay.

    Los Fresnos jumped to a 14-0 lead in the 1st quarter as the Veterans Memorial Chargers were going against the wind and nothing was working well on offfense. However when the teams switched sides, then Veterans took momentum.

    The Chargers had a great drive with nice runs by Castillo and Jeremiah Myers. It was capped off by a 10 yd pass from Castillo to Stephen Flores.

    Los Fresnos had a three and out and Veterans drove down again and got to the 5 yd line. However, the Falcon defense stiffened up and the Chargers had to settle for a FG.

    The Falcons were forced to punt again and Veterans could take the lead just before half. Time was running low and the defense of Los Fresnos started to gain command again. The Falcon defense didn't allow a deep pass and Castillo was sacked by Eliseo Garzoria. The coaching staff called timeout and gave the Falcons a chance to score. And score they did.

    A great punt return by Cristian Campos set the Falcons to score before half and Rene Ortega found Everado Garate around the right sideline and threw a strike. No Vets defenders were close enough to stop him and he scored, making it 21-10.

    It was a deflating score for Veterans, but they had 1:30 to try to get something before half. They couldn't get a first down.

    Veterans would have to settle being at 10 points for the rest of the game.

    The Falcons would start the third going against the wind and the Falcons stayed on the ground with some great rushing by Samuel Cruz but no scores. Veterans was moving the ball and was stopped on 4th and 2 but a generous spot kept the drive alive. Next play, Los Fresnos caused a fumble and the Falcons got it.

    Right before the 3rd quarter ended, Veterans was driving again but a pass went long and was intercepted by Fabian Rodriguez and he ran it all the way back deep into Charger territory. A 28-10 score would have iced the game early but Veterans defense came through with an INT of their own by Alejandro Guevara.

    The field switched and the wind was once again, against Veterans. Los Fresnos capitalized and would not let these chances slip away. The Falcons got three picks in the fourth quarter alone.

    It baffled me at the time and it still does but Veterans decided to call a lob pass and go deep along the sideline but the wind was blowing hard. Veterans was near midfield and could get back in the game but the pass was picked off by Christian Campos.

    The next play, Rene Ortega found Pete Perez along the left flat and he took it in for 73 yds and the score. That sealed the game but the Falcons were not done.

    Another interception by the Falcons's Cristian Campos and they were inside Veterans territory already. Rene Ortega called his own number and got the QB sneak in up the middle to make it 35-10.

    One more last gasp for the Chargers and they were moving the ball into Los Fresnos territory. However, it was too little too late and the last pass was picked off by Falcon Armando Izaguirre.

    The defense of Los Fresnos played very solid in the 2nd half. Took advantage of the wind and also laid out some good hits against the Veterans offensive corps. They started to lock down the rushing attack and made Veterans pay for some ill advised passes. Particularly the second INT of the 4th quarter for Los Fresnos.

    The Falcons get a playoff berth and have an outside chance of getting the district title. Meanwhile, Brownsville Veterans still controls its own destiny and only needs to defeat 1 win Lopez to make the playoffs.

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