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Late INT crucial in Cy Creek win over Cy Springs in a barnburner at Pridgeon Stadium


  • Late INT crucial in Cy Creek win over Cy Springs in a barnburner at Pridgeon Stadium

    Who is the young man with the football? He grabbed the pass to get the big INT for Creek's hard fought victory.

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    The score was 21-0. Creek scored easily on their first drive with RB Mason Biggers with a huge 30 yd run for a score. Cy Springs had the ball and went for it on a short 4th down but could not convert. The short field gave another RB to shine and Tre Earls gets the score from 1 yd out. Then Springs started to move the ball and got inside Creek territory. Needing the score to ensure the game didn't get out of hand early, Springs was working the drive effective until the throw to the left flat. Taye Barber threw a pass that way and Trevien Thomas bit on the route and seized the opportunity, taking it back for a near 60 yd score.

    There was still 5:26 left in the 1st quarter and the game was getting out of reach.

    Cy Springs didn't believe that and started to get back in the game with a good drive. O'Shae Clark got the ball and took in from 21 yds on a impressive run, eluidng tacklers for the score. Then Cy Creek bobbled the kickoff return and Springs got it near the 1. Springs QB Taye Barber took it in from the left side, fighting to get in the goal line and he did so. The Xp was good and suddenly the game was within one score.

    All this took place in the first quarter, including Cy Creek's last drive after the Springs TD was a three and out. Springs got the ball back and could tie the game.

    Springs was moving effectively and were inside Creek territory when the quarter ended. Barber found Drake Carter and threw a pass where Carter could leap to it and avoid the defender touching the ball. Carter caught the pass spectacularly, held on and scored while being knocked down. It was 21-20, Creek but the XP was not executed well and was missed.

    What a turn of events and the resiliency of Springs was impressive but Creek didn't panic either. They marched down the field by staying mostly on the ground. Trevon Earls had broken for long plays on this drive but he bruised and battered his way to the goal line from the 1 yd line to make it 28-20 after the XP.

    Oh, the scoring wasn't done. Not by a long shot. However, there were two defensive plays that were huge. Cy Springs got the ball and were getting to midfield when Creek caused a fumble and recovered it. With Creek up by 8, they could score and make it a 15 pt margin, keeping Springs at a distance. The Springs defense didn't let Creek get a first down and it was actually a turnover on downs with 6 minutes in the half.

    Springs marched down the field and Taye Barber put on a show with his arm and feet. Completing quick passes with effectiveness and lining up quickly, Springs had Creek off balance on defense. Springs got it within one after Taye Barber went to his left to scramble for 11 yds to score. However, the xp was missed and with plenty of time to go in the 2nd quarter, Creek lead 28-27.

    It was Creek's turn to respond and respond they did. Quickly. Barely two minutes had passed and Creek was already in position to score. The very impressive rushing attack of Creek could not be stopped by the Springs Panthers. The Cougars of Creek were simply too good in the trenches and could bust out outside. When the Panthers stacked the box, Luke Allen could find a receiver and throw a laser to move the chains.

    Creek did all this quickly and Mason Biggers scored from 3 yards out to get Creek back up by 8.

    Springs threw a bomb on their next series and it was caught and Cy Springs was going to score again but a fumble on 1st down and the ball squirted to a Creek player and he recovered it. Creek was in business and stopped 6 points. 1:02 left and the Cougars drove all the way down to the 27. Gabe Sequeria lined up for the 44 yd attempt and he made it! 38-27 Creek at Halftime.

    With all this scoring, it should slow down right? Nope. Springs's Bobby Wilson returned a 95 yd kickoff return for a touchdown on the first play of the 3rd quarter. Then the defense of Springs gets a 3 and out. The first play and Barber finds Donell Dunn for a 70+ yd bomb and score. All the sudden, Springs has the lead.

    Down 21-0 in the 1st quarter, the Springs Panthers were up 42-38 with 10 minutes left in the third. What a turn of events!

    Creek needed to respond and respond they did! With a good solid drive that took off nearly 4 minutes, Luke Allen called his own number and ran it in from 2 yds out. 45-42 Creek. However, Springs marched down the field with ease too but stalled out. Springs settled for a FG by Christian Vasquez from 30 yds out. Tie game at 45 with still 3 minutes in the third.

    Creek has the ball to start their drive and they find a receiver and it's a catch but Springs knocks it out and Orion Jefferson of Springs recovers the fumble at the Creek 16. Uh, oh.

    The Panthers didn't take long to score and Jonathan Toliver ran from 8 yds out, dove over the goal line on the right side to score and Springs was now up 52-45. 2:25 in the 3rd.

    By this time, the field turf was on fire with all this barnburning activity and Creek wanted to add some more kerosene to the blaze. A nice return by Caleb Horn to get Creek in good field position. Kaleb O'Bryant got them yard aplenty and the ever reliable Trevon Earls caught a screen and got a huge first down. All this before the 3rd quarter ended. Creek scored on a quick pass to Kaleb O'Bryan for the 6 yd TD. Xp was good.

    Tied at 52 with a minute left in the third!

    The third quarter arrives after that scoring barrage and these teams just might get to 70 before the night is over. Then the first break in the 4th quarter went to Creek. I say it was a break but Creek earned it. Springs could not convert on 3rd and short as they went for the deep pass. It was too long.

    So Creek had the ball and on the first play of the drive, the handoff was botched and Springs tried to land on it but luckily for the Cougars, Earls landed on the fumble to save the drive and keep momentum. Creek got a first down and set up quickly. Luke Allen threw a bomb to Miles Battle and the 47 yd strike was perfect in stride. Touchdown Creek with 10 minutes to go in the game.

    59-52 Cougars!

    And wouldn't you know it...this would be the last scoring of the game. I didn't expect that but it happened. Springs was marching effectively once again. They threw a couple of deep passes that went no where and that's when the drive boggled down. On fourth down, I believe the pass hit the referee and it was a turnover on downs.

    Creek took the ball and ate clock. Just ate clock with quick outlet passes, good running and Kaleb O'Bryant broke one to get into Springs territory. Springs wasted all their timeouts with 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

    Then a break for Springs. Creek fumbled the ball on a keeper and Jordan Stephens recovered the loose ball! 3 minutes left and Springs has a chance to tie it back.

    The Creek Cougar defense stiffened up. They pressured Taye Barber and Taye Barber had to get out of the game due to a solid hit against him. The backup quarterback came in and on the first play he went deep to find a receiver near midfield but the pass was too high and it was intercepted by #26 (I don't have a name for the hero of the game--someone let me know who he is).

    Creek got one more first down and kneeled it out.

    The Cy Creek Cougars win one hellacious barnburner and earn the hard fought victory over a determined and gritty Cy Springs squad, 59-52. The Creek Cougars maintain their impressive district record. Unfortunately for Springs, their path to the playoffs ended with this loss.

    What a fun contest. It was bad for my legs because I was running like crazy but it was great to watch this one.
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