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West Brook escapes valiant effort of Baytown Sterling, escaping with a 27-26 win.


  • West Brook escapes valiant effort of Baytown Sterling, escaping with a 27-26 win.

    (Joel Denley scores from 50 yards out to make it 20-6, West Brook)



    (Stats courtesy of Beaumont Enterprise)

    Beaumont West Brook learned a valuable lesson Thursday night. The Bruin player themselves said it while they were leaving the field.

    "We can't play like this from here on out."

    The lesson learned is that you can never take a day off in 21-6A, ever. Baytown Sterling gave the Bruins all they could handle and were in position to win the game but the Bruins escape with the 27-26 victory at the Thomas Center.

    From the start of the game, it seemed the Bruins would be in firm control of the contest. It took less than 2 minutes for the Bruins to score a TD. Keith Corbin caught a long pass from Justin Essex to get in the red zone.

    The XP failed due to a blocked kick.

    Baytown Sterling couldn't get anything going on their first drive. West Brook was ready to take the ball again but the drive stalled and when the Bruins set up for the punt, the snap sailed away from the punter. Sterling had it at the BWB 1. Matt Corbett, Sterling's QB took it in himself for the score. The XP was blocked here too. Tied 6-6.

    In most of the half, Sterling struggled to get the first downs and simply had trouble moving. Corbett couldn't get his passes to his receivers often and the rushing attack of Sterling was snuffed out by the Bruins. West Brook took advantage of a blocked punt immediately, scooping up and scoring on the same play. XP was good. Sterling still couldn't move the ball, but West Brook's offense was also getting stale. On a 4th down play, the snap was off again and the punter had to scoop it up and he was able to get the first down. Joel Denley of BWB took in a TD from a solid rush from 50 yards out. It was 20-6, West Brook.

    Baytown Sterling didn't give in though and Matt Corbett began to use his legs to get the chains moving. Corbett scored on a 11 yd run to make it 20-14 after Corbett scored on another run for the conversion.

    West Brook was actually stopped for a 3 and out and Sterling actually was driving to get a score. However, the timeout situation was bad and the Rangers simply couldn't stop the clock after Corbett was sacked.

    Halftime and West Brook was only up 6 with Sterling getting the ball.

    Sterling didn't waste anytime to level with West Brook. Corbett was sensational with his rushes but had some great passes to Quan Ardoin and Xavier Curry. A pass interference that was clear as day (three flags were thrown) when Curry got behind his cover man and was interfered when the pass was about to reach him. Corbett took it in for the score from 1 yd out. The conversion was no good and the game was tied at 20.

    West Brook still couldn't figure out the offense. Essex was feeling pressure from the Ranger rushers and the run game seemed abandoned but they were using it. It just didn't seem like it and West Brook would have their drive stall. Sterling took over again and Corbett threw a perfect pass to Quan Ardoin for a 61 yd strike and score. The XP failed again and these missed points would eventually haunt the Rangers. Sterling took the lead in the 3rd and held on for a while.

    West Brook was struggling mightily and Essex got picked off by Sterling secondary man, Darius Raymond. Could Baytown Sterling pull this off? West Brook could be in big trouble with this loss and their path to the playoffs would have been made much harder if they lose this game.

    The West Brook defense shined in the 4th and made life hell for the Rangers and Matt Corbett. Corbett was being hurried and the rushing attack was once again thwarted. West Brook received the Sterling punt and had a great drive capped off by another great run by Joel Denley to tie the game. West Brook went for the XP and got it to get the lead with just over 3 minutes left.

    A great return by Sterling got them near midfield but Corbett made a huge mistake and passed to a covered Xavier Curry. I believe it was Deonte Henson who made the huge interception. I don't think Corbett saw him at all. He ran it back deep but a penalty negated the run back and West Brook was forced to punt again. Matt Corbett still was fighting and the Rangers were determined to score. Time was running low and it was at a minute.

    Then Deonte Henson made a spectacular interception along the West Brook sideline. He snagged the ball, got his foot in (his coach said he got two) and the game was over!

    West Brook survives a gritty and fantastic effort from Sterling.

    The Bruins didn't play solid and the Rangers almost made them pay. Luckily, they got what matters and that is the win and in full control of their playoff destiny.
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      Nice work once again.

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      thanks for the article ... kind of put you at the game by reading it ... good job
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