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Nederland wins another classic against Port Neches-Groves. Wins 6th MCM game in a row


  • Nederland wins another classic against Port Neches-Groves. Wins 6th MCM game in a row

    (Michael Lebaron looks to find an open receiver and finds Dean Fisher for the score)

    Pictures of the game:

    It was only the 92nd time these teams met. That's all.

    A packed house with over 11,000 people and others around the stadium just trying to keep up with the biggest game in the regular season for PN-G and Nederland. Not a big deal.

    Winning a game 30-27 with only 2 seconds left in the game.'s just another day in the office. What is the big deal of a game between two schools in the middle of Jefferson County?

    I would tell you that this is just another game with a great ending, but that is one big lie. This game is the game of the year. Mid-County Madness and Nederland was victorious in a thrilling contest for the sixth year in a row.

    Port Neches-Groves was on fire on the first drive getting a quick score to take a 6-0 lead. The Xp was blocked but Nederland quickly responded as well. Quarterback Mitchell Lebaron of Nederland found Dean Fisher for the TD on a scramble pass from the 8. The xp was good and Nederland was up 7-6.

    The Indians of PN-G found rough waters for the rest of the half. Their next two possessions ended up as interceptions. Tavian Mayfield picked one off and ran it to the PN-G 10. Nederland was only able to get a FG to make it 10-6.

    Another interception by Nederland. This time it was Jalen Cunningham who made a leaping pic to get it near midfield. Nederland was driving again but the Indians had one crazy interception too. On a deep pass to Connor Perkins in the end zone, PN-G's Bryce Meche leaped to tip the ball away while Perkins was reaching for the ball. As the ball went to the ground, Meche was stretched out on the ground from the leap and the ball hit his back. Alertly, Cole Girouard of PN-G was nearby, trailing Perkins and grabbed the ball before it could hit the ground.

    Nederland had the better chances and likely should have made it 17-6 at least because PN-G was hurting themselves in the first half. Botched snaps, bad kickoff returns, overthrows, missed blocking assignments. Even when PN-G was moving, an awful snap went over Adam Morse's head and the good drive went to waste.

    With the clock winding down, Nederland was going to score again. LeBaron called on Fisher again and Fisher got the ball near the 10 but a flag was thrown and the ball was moved back. Nederland couldn't muster positive yards on the next play and the half was over.

    10-6 Nederland.

    For me, I was afraid for Nederland. The Bulldogs were winning this game, played much better than PN-G and only lead by 4. I was expecting PN-G to come out blazing on defense and get the crowd pumped up and take the lead and control of the game. Nederland could have really put the screws on before halftime.

    Then Nederland played classic Nederland football. Ground and pound offense. Executed perfectly by the Bulldog line and Austin Krautz, star RB of Nederland, the Bulldogs amassed yards aplenty to start the 3rd quarter. When Krautz wasn't called to run, Ryan Leleux ran excellently too and PN-G had no answers to stop the Bulldog run. Just in case the Indians forgot, Nederland could pass at any time and I'll give you three guesses on who the receiver that caught the TD but you really only need one.

    That's right. Dean Fisher was open in the left corner and got the score.

    The Nederland defense simply stifled the PN-G attack. Adam Morse didn't have anywhere to throw. He was hurried constantly, sacked and the running game was stagnant. PN-G had good field position near midfield but the Indians faced a 4th n 2. They went for it and Nederland linebacker Jacob Jones snuffed out the play, bringing down Morse on the keeper for a loss. Nederland got the turnover on downs.

    The Nederland team drove down the field and Lebaron scored on a keeper to make it 24-6. The PN-G crowd was stunned and Nederland was in a frenzy.

    The game was far from over though. Morse and company got back on the field and the offense began to march. Adam Morse's key target in the critical drive was Jack Giblin and he found him a few times. When the fourth quarter arrived, PN-G was down 24-6. Giblin caught a strike from Morse and found the end zone. PN-G attoned for the missed PAT and got the 2 pt conversion to make it 24-14.

    However, Nederland was still driving well, moving into PN-G teritory but the Indian defense hunkered down and said no more. Denying Fisher open space and getting pressure to Lebaron, Nederland had to settle for a 43 yd FG. James Brindza was nails and made the kick. 27-14, Nederland.

    PN-G responded with a huge drive but on a 3rd down play, a pass interference penalty was called to keep the drive alive. A roughing the passer penalty was also assessed against Nederland. The Indians scored on a roll out run by Morse for the score. The XP was stuffed again though. 27-20, Nederland.

    Nederland, feeling the weight of the game, and the once stunned crowd of the Indians was in a loud maddening uproar. The momentum had changed and Nederland was now making the mistakes. A bobbled snap,the running lanes stuffed and the punt was shanked. The PN-G crowd roared with approval and the Nederland fans began to nibble at their nails.

    The great field position was not wasted and Morse found Caisen Sullivan for a good strike on the right hashmark at the goal line to get the TD. The XP was good and we are tied at 27!

    Booming thunderous cheers from PN-G and there was only 2 minutes left. Could overtime occur?

    Nederland received the kickoff and Port Neches-Groves made a huge mistake. A bad personal foul penalty moved Nederland close to midfield. Nederland went to work but found it difficult to run outside or even throw downfield. That was until Lebaron found his main target once again. Jacob Fisher was clutch, snagging the great pass against decent coverage and going down to the 9. Nederland fans scream wildly and the clock is running down. The Bulldogs set up for the game winning FG. PN-G calls timeout twice in a row when the clock was at 4 seconds to ice the kicker.

    Like I said though. James Brindza was nails and so was the blocking of the offensive line on the kick. The field goal was money! Nederland wins 30-27 but there was 2 seconds left.

    To be honest with you, I'm not sure how there was 2 ticks left but in any event, the kick was squibbed. PN-G desperately tried to lateral and find an open crease but Nederland suffocated the return and there was no hope for PN-G. Tackled near the goal line, Nederland wins a thriller, 30-27! The fans, rushed the opposing field, which will be remembered by PN-G next year, I can assure you. They celebrated with their team and they weren't taunting or damaging the PN-G field but it will leave a bitter memory for the Indians.

    It was such an awesome game and what great support and sportsmanship at the end between the teams. It was respect at midfield. PN-G wanted to win this badly but they humbly congratulated the victors this night, and Nederland players were gracious in victory.

    This is truly what Texas High School football is about.
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