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Special Teams and a Cobra shine for LP at Abshier as La Porte wins The Border War


  • Special Teams and a Cobra shine for LP at Abshier as La Porte wins The Border War

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    (Cobra Jones begins his second TD run that went for 71 yds)

    [Stats Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle and Your Houston News]

    79 yards.

    It was the first play from scrimmage for La Porte and Deer Park learned immediately that any form of Cobra can be deadly. Cobra Jones of the LP Bulldogs ran sensationally on this play and had another long run as the Bulldogs win the always exciting Border War, 27-24. La Porte was able to gain a large lead--well, at least for this series anyway--27-10 in the 4th quarter. However, Deer Park never gave in and battled back and made this a nervous nailbiter at the end.

    After Cobra Jones scored 21 seconds into the game, Deer Park was determined to answer. The Deer were able to move the chains with the effective running of Sammy Linton. The Deer were getting real close to scoring but the LP defense clamped down near the goal line. Deer Park had to settle for a Anthony Cantu field goal from about 27 yds.

    La Porte was able to add a 37 yd field goal by Foster Hilborn in the first quarter to make it 10-3.

    La Porte's offense did have some struggles against the Deer Park defense. Although Jones busted one open on the first play, he was getting bottled up in the first and second quarter. Austin Upshaw, the LP quarterback, was able to gain a first down with his rushing attempts but drives would stall. The first downs were key though. They played a part in one of the most critical parts of the game. Enter in the unheralded but crucial weapon for La Porte's special teams, The punter was able to boom high kicks that stayed in the air and landed inside the 10. The excellent punt coverage downed the ball inside the 10 multiple times.

    Deer Park had to gain so much ground just to try to get into LP territory. The first series near the goal line was a 3 and out. The DP defense was able to hold LP but once again the punt team was able to down the ball inside the 10. Although DP was able to get a first down, they could not capitalize on a break away by their WR. Deer Park quarterback Cameron Thompson saw his receiver get behind the LP cornerback and nothing but fake grass was in front of him. He threw it perfectly and it hit the receiver in stride...but it was dropped.

    When Deer Park punted, La Porte was primed to score six again. It looked like they had when Hunter Hebert caught a nice pass from Austin Upshaw but he was flagged for offensive pass interference. The 15 yd penalty pushed La Porte all the way to the 25 and time was running out.

    Well, Foster Hilborn lined up and kicked the 42 yd attempt---short and wide right...except Deer Park called a timeout. The Deer were not ready and I think they may have been anticipating a fake. Hilborn got a second chance and this time it was money. 13-3 in favor of La Porte.

    So, what could Deer Park do to turn around their fortunes? Sammy Linton, the Deer Park running back was still gaining yards but La Porte would eventually slow his progress as the drives continued. Cameron Thompson threw a perfect strike to Kolby Lena for a first down but that wasn't all. Lena was behind his defender and he ran down the sideline and before the LP defense could push him out of bounds, he leaped for the pylon and scored the sensational TD. The Deer Park side went bonkers and the crowd was roaring with delight on the home side.

    The Deer were back in this but maybe they forgot the strike of a Cobra can be fast and deadly.

    Third down on La Porte's next drive. Deer Park has the momentum and the LP offense is stailling. Upshaw hands off the Cobra Jones and he runs right and goes around the tackle cuts up and he beats the last line of defense for Deer Park. He can be a bruising back but Jones's speed is also an eyecather. The Deer Park side didn't know what hit em except it sure felt like a wicked gut punch. La Porte leads 20-10.

    The offense of Deer Park relied heavily on Sammy Linton but it wasn't enough. The Bulldog defense would keen on him in this quarter and would pressure Thompson in the backfield. La Porte also would limit the success of Deer Park in gaining first downs. The field position, once again was pivotal in the next score for LP.

    La Porte was starting around the 40 I believe and a few handoffs and runs didn't get much yards. Then Austin Upshaw caught Deer Park and even his own fans by surprise by throwing along the left sideline. "La Porte doesn't throw", says many a LP fan. Well, Upshaw did and he threw it perfectly to Damian Phillips for a 28 yd gain. The ball was near the 20 and Upshaw did it again! This time to Hunter Hebert for a 23 yd TD Hit him in stride. Hebert was well covered but the pass was flawless.

    27-10 with 10 minutes to go. It seemed over. Deer Park could't get anything going on offense. Deer Park also had burned a couple of timeouts (one was on an XP try after the 3rd quarter TD).

    Deer Park High wasn't going to quit and they came through determined to score. Sammy Linton refused to go down, he would knock down defenders, would cut back into the middle and get those chains moving. He wasn't giving up and the Deer were deep in LP territory. It had been a while since they got there. Thompson found Logan Berryhill in the right corner of the end zone and threw it up. Berryhill snagged it and it was a TD for Deer Park.

    Since Deer Park was running low on timeouts, they decided to onside kick it but Nathan Redd of LP corralled the onside kick and LP was sitting pretty but not for long. The Bulldogs could not convert on a 4th down play and Deer Park was galvanized once again.

    Linton kept gaining crucial first downs and La Porte was being called for defensive penalties that kept drives alive. A personal foul for a hit out of bounds was costly and a PI call that probably was necessary because the Deer Park receiver was going to take it in for a large gain at least also hurt La Porte. Each time the flag flew, the clock stopped. Linton finally got the touchdown he deserved as he busted up the middle for the 2 yd score.

    27-24 with 3:00 left. Deer Park had no timeouts. They needed to onside kick again but Nathan Redd was clutch again. Still, Deer Park could get a three and out on La Porte. Have about 50 seconds left and try to get a FG try.

    The Bulldogs didn't let that happen. On the huge 3rd down play, Upshaw called his own number, ran to the right and got the necessary yards and more. The Border War was La Porte's and this time they won at Abshier. It looks like it has been a while since La Porte won at this stadium.

    What a fantastic atmosphere and what a game! Both sides gave it their all and it was a slobberknocker with good clean hits, great running and clutch passing. I don't believe this game had a turnover.

    The Border War lived up to the hype and it was a pleasure to cover this fantastic game. The Great American Rivalry series recognized the magnitude of this rivalry. They stopped by to watch it unfold and were in for a treat. Cobra Jones earned the MVP trophy for his two sensational scores for the Bulldogs.

    What a game! It looked over. It did but it never is until it hits 0:00 (it's cliche but true).

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      Glad you were able experience this great rivalry. I think this was my fourth or fifth one to attend. And they have all been as drama filled as this years game was. These two programs are so familiar with one another. Many of them have grown up playing together or against each other in the pee wee leagues. So to win this game means a lot to them. Now they have to put this one behind them and focus on the coming weeks of district play.

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