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Round Rock High's defense seals the game as a large comeback by STP is thwarted


  • Round Rock High's defense seals the game as a large comeback by STP is thwarted

    (Day'shus White was a star this night with FIVE TD's and over 200 yds rushing)

    [Stats provided by the Austin American Statesman]

    Game pics on behalf of 6ATF:

    This game was a rout.

    It truly was. The Round Rock Dragons were just too good on the ground. The big bruising line of Round Rock High opened up the holes and Day'shus White did the rest. In the first quarter, the running attack controlled the clock and got points for Round Rock to start. White ran for a 47 yd TD to get the scoring going. When the quarter was winding down, Round Rock scored again, but this time it was a pass to A.J. Burleson.

    For the Tigers, it was a real frustrating two and a half quarters on offense. The theme was false start penalties. I counted at least five of them in the first half alone, slowing down momentum and it hurt the Tigers when they got close to the Dragon goal line. Stony Point had moved the ball in to Dragon territory twice but could only muster 3 points total from both drives. The first drive was stalled due to penalties and negative yd plays. A turnover on downs halted the promising drive.

    14-3, Dragons after the STP FG from 23 yds.

    The Dragons did not settle on the ground. A great pass by QB Liam Beard was caught by Burleson for a huge gain and likely was going to score but the Tiger defense collapsed on him right at the 2 and jarred the ball loose. Stony Point recovered the fumble and look to get a drive going but couldn't get it out of their territory.

    Round Rock went to work and not only did Day'shus White keep drives going, but QB Liam Beard had a couple of scrambles himself. His rollouts were effective finding Burleson for a key 3rd and long conversion. Then White scored from 7 yards out to make it 21-3.

    Stony Point was getting the ball to start the 2nd half but the miscues of the first half, creeped back in. A false start on STP was the ominous sign of a long day for the Tigers, it seemed. It was 3rd and long and Tigers QB Tanner Aenchbacher threw over the top but it was intercepted by Brian Bullock who brought it inside the STP 10.

    Who did the Dragons call on? Why it was Day'shus White of course? He ran to the right this time going in unscathed for the score, making it 28-3.

    It was over. Stony Point just couldn't get points. They could move the ball at times but as I stated before, the penalties hurt and one negative play would just kill the drive. Tanner Aenchbacher didn't give up and neither did the Tigers. Aenchbacher would throw to the sides to get some good yards. Tigers RB Shapiro King went to work on the ground, earning big first downs and even catching a few screens. Aenchbacher scored on a 2 yd keeper to make it 28-10.

    Unfortunately for Stony Point, they could not stop Round Rock's offense. The teams were trading scores. White scored again. STP Receiver Dashun Horne made a nice catch to score from 16 yds out. 35-17 in favor of Round Rock.

    First play from scrimmage after Stony Point got to 17 points, Day'Shus White found a seam up the middle and he was gone!! Touchdown, Round Rock and it was now 42-17. Stony Point struggled on the offense after this play and Round Rock got the ball near midfield.

    Once again, it was over. A few of the STP fans began to leave. Round Rock kept giving the ball to White, eating up clock. Well, I believe it was 3rd down and Round Rock threw a screen to the left that went behind the receiver. Well, it was considered a live ball and Naim Barnett of the Tigers stopped it up and ran it in for the score. 2 pt conversion good.


    The Stony Point students got very loud and that play energized the Tiger defense. The momentum swing that Stony Point desperately needed was theirs and they began to use it effectively.

    Round Rock High started having trouble on the offensive side of the ball. Stony Point got a big stop on a 3rd down as Beard was trying to throw down to Zecharias Nash-Kelly but it was well covered.

    Stony Point got the ball and moved the chains for a 1st down. Then Aenchbacher threw a wonderful pass to Dashun Horne from 59 yds out to get his 2nd TD of the game.

    The Stony Point side was going crazy. The once boisterous Round Rock Dragon crowd was getting quiet and began to bit nails and worry when Stony Point's defense forced another 3 and out.

    42-32 with 7 minutes left and the Tigers are marching effectively. King is running well, Aenchbacker was throwing solid. The Tigers got within the Round Rock red zone and had 3 timeouts to spare with over 4 minutes left.

    Aenchbacher needed a 1st and his nice scramble up to the tackle got the necessary yards but the ball was popped loose by Grant Miller of the Dragons. Round Rock High recovered. What was sure to be a 42-39 game with 3 timeouts, turned out to be a backbreaker for the Tigers. Round Rock High kept running the ball and Stony Point got the ball back late but another turnover at the Dragon 20 sealed it.

    The defense of the Dragons sealed it when it looked like the game was slipping away from them. To be honest with you, the game was certainly slipping away and who knows what would have happened if Stony Point got it to 42-39.

    The Dragons don't have to worry about that because they got the stop and made the turnovers happen when they needed it most. The defense came through in the end.

    The nervousness of the Dragon fans became a sigh of relief and as soon as the game was over, the fans of the Dragons were very happy. They have defeated the Stony Point Tigers for five years in a row.

    The Dragons showed that their run game is fantastic. Their ground attack should be impressed by all in 13-6A and it will be hard to stop by anyone in the district. Day'shus White had 204 yards rushing and had 5 touchdowns in this game. It wasn't all roses for Round Rock. They must avoid getting beat by the big play and any window to let a team back in could spell doom for them. One innocent lateral and a sure rout became a nervous one for Round Rock High.

    For Stony Point, penalties need to be addressed and can they find more success against the ground attack of other 13-6A opponents. The offense was clicking in the 3rd and 4th but needed to be there the whole game and the turnovers were some backbreakers.

    Overall, a nice atmosphere and a solid game. It does look like the Round Rock Dragons are the team to beat in 13-6A so be aware of the pound and ground attack of the Dragons.
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