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Rockets soar in the second quarter, Judson defense stifles Brennan attack


  • Rockets soar in the second quarter, Judson defense stifles Brennan attack

    (Pic of Greg Craddock catching a 49 yd bomb from Isaiah Gibson to tie the game 7-7)

    Pics on behalf of 6ATF:

    Never seen an #84 play quarterback. Why was a receiver playing QB? Well, Julon Williams, the star sophomore, was out with an injury. In comes Isaiah Gibson. How good could this be?

    Turned out to be an excellent move and Gibson played well in the entire game.

    Isaiah Gibson threw for 168 yards and kept drives alive with scrambles on 3rd down to keep the chains moving.

    Converse Judson got the ball first and Gibson and the Rockets moved into Brennan territory but Brennan got a major boost by stopping Judson on 4th and 4. Brennan took advantage with a big run that got down all the way to the 4. Taveon Tolefee scored two plays later for Brennan's only score.

    Judson responded with the first of two bomb scores by Isaiah Gibson. Gibson found Greg Craddock for a near 50 yd score. Brennan couldn't move the ball on their next drive and Judson had decent field position. However, Brennan was able to create a fourth and 3 and Judson looked to go for it near midfield. Gibson though stepped back a few yards and did a quick kick and the ball rolled to the 1.

    For Brennan, they began to feel the effects of Murphy's Law.

    After getting to the 6, Brennan faced a 3 and out. On the punt, Brennan seemed to only have 10 players. Didn't mater. The punt was against the wind and the ball went down to the Brennan 20. Converse Judson's Mi'Kel Jackson scored from 8 yds out. On the kickoff return, Brennan fumbled the ball. Judson recovered. Gibson was smooth with a run and Jay Miller had a bruising run from 19 yds to extend the lead to 21-7. Brennan was marching down the field and on 3rd and long, Brennan QB Kyle Michael found Jahmyl Jeter and Jeter ran through a Judson defender to get the score within 21-13.

    It happened but it was taken away due to a illegal shift penalty. Brennan could not convert on 3rd and 4th downs. On 3rd down, Brennan tried to get Judson off guard with a QB decoy roll out and hand off up the middle but Judson wasn't fooled. In fact, Judson was able to stop many of those plays from Brennan.

    First play with Judson now having the ball, Gibson threw a 69 yd TD bomb to Kevin Luster and the rout was on. 28-7 with less than 3 minutes left.

    Brennan tried to get back within a couple of scores but Michael's pass to the right flat was intercepted by Shane Calvin. A FG by Judson extended the lead to 31-7 as the half expired.

    No scoring in the second half but Judson went into cruise control with their drives. Very effective running by Jackson and Miller of Judson. Gibson went to work with effective runs and didn't take any risky passes. Although Judson couldn't score, they would get into Brennan territory and would pin Brennan in their own territory even as they punted against the wind.

    For Judson, it was a very impressive win against a good Brennan squad. The defense was superb, limiting the runs of Brennan. Even though Taveon Tolefree did not return after exiting the second quarter, Judson was still able to stop Brennan's entire offensive attack.

    For Brennan, they hope that Tolefree's injury isn't too severe and they need to shore up the back as the bomb's were brutal for Brennan. However, Brennan was able to stop the long throws in the second half. The offense couldn't get the passing attack going and need to work on timing on the outside flats. Just seemed off.

    Stats provided by SA Express News
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