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Midland High capitalizes in 2nd half while Hurst Bell will rue missed opportunities


  • Midland High capitalizes in 2nd half while Hurst Bell will rue missed opportunities

    (Brady Bolger gets in the end zone and gets the crucial insurance TD with just over 3 minutes left in the game vs. L.D. Bell)


    Penalties, dropped passes, fumbles and this was just the first half for the Hurst Bell Blue Raiders. The team from Hurst was actually giving the Bulldogs fits when the offense was on the field. They could run with Ivan Taylor and Lawson had a couple of scrambles. The passing was there too for Bell. The offense was moving and then something would happen.

    A great run thwarted by a holding penalty. A nice pass from Lawson was dropped. A good run but the ball was bobbled and Midland High would recover. Luckily for Hurst, Midland High didn’t capitalize.

    The defense of Bell was doing well, limiting the success of the Bulldogs. The passing attack of Midland struggled and Bell was doing well against the run. Ricky Hubert of Midland didn’t find too much space and the Blue Raiders were hitting solid. Still, Midland High was able to sustain a series and could move the chains in the second quarter. Just never could get within the 20.

    L.D. Bell went in with a great drive near the end of the second quarter. Good rushes and nice passes by Dominique Lawson were keeping Midland off balance. Taylor would also get those chains moving. Lawson would score from 10 yards out and Hurst Bell was up 7-0.

    Midland High, though wasn’t going down quietly and got into Blue Raider territory. A scramble by Jackson Anuszkiewicz got within the 30. However time was running out and Anuszkiewicz threw a ball to the end zone that was snagged by Blue Raider defender, DeQualon Hill.

    With Bell up 7-0 and Midland High going to receive the ball, Hurst Bell decided to onside kick the ball. To be honest with you, I’m not sure why. Although Bell didn’t let Midland High score in the first, the Bulldogs were starting to get some success in the second quarter.

    Midland High would capitalize on the opportunity. Not fully capitalize but enough to change the momentum of the game. A short field goal by Blake Boring from the 12 was good and the score was 7-3, Bell.

    From this point on, the Blue Raider offense couldn’t do much of anything. The defensive line of Midland High began to get into the backfield of Bell, disrupting runs and stifling runners for negative yards. The Blue Raiders weren’t throwing the ball and looked discombobulated on offense in the 3rd. Credit goes to Midland High for making the adjustments.

    Midland High seized the lead with a fantastic scramble from Brady Bolger, who came in at QB in the second half, and ran a 52 yd scramble for the score. Xp good and Midland High lead 10-7 and wouldn’t relinquish the lead.

    The Bulldogs added an insurance TD by Brady Bolger. The drive itself was great by Midland High with nice runs by Ricky Hubert to get the first downs. Bolger would complete passes also to Hubert to get key yds. It was a huge score because Midland High scored and made it a 10 pt game with 3:17 left in the game.

    Hurst Bell simply could not move the ball and the game was over with a turnover on downs.

    Midland High gets a big win and a good boost for the program as they earned a grinding win to get their first victory in 2015. The search for win number 1 continues for Hurst Bell as they try to replicate the success they had against Keller Central in game 1 of the 2015 season. Ever since scoring 31 points in the first game, the Blue Raiders have scored 7 points total in their last two contests. The penalties really hurt Bell as they took away first downs. If they can clean that up, they can be much more competitive in games.

    Midland High was having issues with injuries and hopefully for the Bulldogs, they can heal up before the start of LSWC play.

    (Stats from Midland Reporter Telegram)
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