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Trojan rushing attack and defense shines as they keep Lancaster at bay


  • Trojan rushing attack and defense shines as they keep Lancaster at bay

    (Tyler Natee rushes in to get an insurance TD against the Lancaster Tigers)


    For a moment, it appeared that Trinity’s massive offensive line was going to have a field day. They were moving the ball well, Ja’Ron Wilson was rushing with relative ease and Natee could find some holes to scramble through. The Lancaster defense would hold and Trinity had to settle for field goals early in the contest.

    Lancaster also showed that it’s offense was going to be a tough test for the Trojans. The speed of the Tigers is impressive as they were able to find space and exploit it with nice gains. The quick passes to the outside really helped Lancaster get a great drive going.

    All went to waste when an errant snap went over Lancaster QB Ryan Ross’s head and a 2nd down and 10 went to a 3rd and 33. From then on, Lancaster’s offense would sputter when they would cross midfield in the first half. Didn’t matter which drive. The Tigers would get there and kaput.

    The Trojans were still churning yards with Wilson and DeJaun Garrett, but just before the half, Noah Wineteer caught a strike from Tyler Natee for a 21 yd TD. The XP was no good and with only 42 seconds left, the Trojans were ready to enter halftime with a 12-0 lead.

    Lancaster would have none of that and a great return by Spencer Gilbert II. He fumbled the ball to start the return and then went to the left, speeding down the sideline and scored...or did he? The refs marked him down around the 40 of Trinity. Looking at the big screen, I’m not sure he stepped out.

    Lancaster had very little time left and the Trojan defense didn’t let them score.

    The third quarter was a slugfest. Trinity had more control of the game but couldn’t sustain the drives. Lancaster was struggling but found some room passing on the outside once again. Carter thomas and Tyrell Alexander did a great job for the Tigers, catching the quick passes and going down the sideline. The long wait for a score was over when Omar Manning caught a great pass from Ross to score. 2 pt conversion was good.

    Trinity wasn’t going to stop rushing aggressively. Of course not. They kept pounding the ball and punishing the defenders of Lancaster. Natee sneaked in from the 1 to score, extending the lead to 19-8.

    Lancaster then had a bomb throw. A wonderful pass to Cartell Thomas that went for 54 yds and the lead was cut to 19-14 (the 2 pt run was no good). There was over 7 and a half minutes left.

    What did Trinity do? They kept the ball on the ground. Of course they did. Natee had more yards rushing than he did passing. Why not? It’s very impressive to gain 335 yards on the ground against a solid team like Lancaster. They kept moving the chains, moving their feet and the ball just kept getting closer to the goal line. Natee ran it again--from 8 yds this time--and the insurance TD was scored with 4 minutes left in the game.

    Lancaster tried to go deep once more but the Trojan defense was having none of it. Lancaster simply couldn’t find consistent success against the Trojan line and the defense came through when the team needed them most.

    (Stats courtesy of the Dallas Morning News)
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