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Euless Trinity vs. Concord De La Salle (CA) pictures and recap


  • Euless Trinity vs. Concord De La Salle (CA) pictures and recap

    Originally posted in the 6ATF Main Forum

    RocklandDragon of 6ATF--

    They may have not been the consensus #1 HS team in the nation--really depends on who you ask--but the De La Salle Spartans came to Texas as one of the top teams in all national syndications. Favored to win over an unranked (nationally anyway) Euless Trinity Trojan squad, the Spartans came to Texas and were going to use their speed on both sides of the ball to make that happen.

    However, in this battle, brawn defeated speed as the Trojans won a thriller over their California counterparts, winning 26-21. This game lived up to all the hype and fans from both sides should be proud of their respective teams efforts.

    Anthony Sweeney, the QB of the Spartans, found a way to get his team going as he was able to break free from tackles and grind out yards to get the chains moving. His efforts were rewarded (self-made) with a fantastic rushing TD down the left sideline that went for 40 yds. The speed of Sweeney was very impressive. Another young man, who should be receiving offers from over half of the Power 5 schools, Antoine Custer was a bolt of lighting. Any type of open field and he was gone! Custer scored two times and the play started near their own 20! He was also very elusive with the ability to cut and find holes if they were there. The third tandem of the De La Salle rushing attack, Andrew Hernandez was a good change of pace, getting tough yards and giving Custer a chance to catch his breath.

    The offensive line of Trinity was facing a highly touted and deservedly so, defensive front of the Spartans. Anchored by Devin Asiasi and Tuti Letuligasenoa, the Spartans could plug up the holes with their size but their speed to get to the gaps and chase down runners beyond the tackles was striking. Trinity did have to adjust to the speed of De La Salle but started to wear them down with work in between the trenches.

    Trinity QB Tyler Natee, RB Ja'Ron Wilson, and the offensive line of the Trojans were up for the challenge. Slowly but surely, the ground attack began to work and Trinity scored on an impressive run of their own by Ja'Ron Wilson from 33 yds out. Wilson broke free from ankle tackles as De La Salle defenders desperately leaped to grab any hold of him, but he refused to go down.

    De La Salle quickly scored with a screen pass that went for 80 yds to Antoine Custer.

    Key two moments of the 1st half: Trinity had stopped De La Salle and were driving to take the lead, but Tyler Natee fumbled near the DLS 10 and the Spartans "recovered" the fumble. Granted, he never had clear possession but the ball went out around the 20 and Trinity would have had a 3rd and goal from there. Trinity would have had a tough time scoring. De La Salle promptly took the ball and marched down the field with Sweeney, Hernandez, and Custer getting touches. They even threw in a pass or two. One of those passes should have been a first down at least. Sweeney hit his receiver, in perfect stride, and the ball bounced off his chest. De La Salle got too fancy on the very next play and tried a reverse that was bobbled. The big man, Sam Leota, scooped it up and rumbled down the field and even when a DLS player had him, he didn't go down and high stepped to break away and score. XP no good. Halftime 14-12.

    Trinity got the ball and went to work on the ground but it was thwarted at first. De La Salle promptly marched the ball down the field and was about to score inside the Trinity 10. A mishandle either by Sweeney or by Hernandez and the ball was on the ground. Trinity recovered and got the break they needed.

    They seized it and got the lead. Ground and pound was the name but Natee was also 7-11 in this game, getting key passes to receivers to throw DLS off their game. Natee made his own mark with a rumbling TD himself, zipping past De La Salle defenders and getting the Trojan fans to explode.

    De La Salle had no answers and the defensive front of the Trojans was not allowing De La Salle to go outside so Trinity got the ball and scored with a pass to De'Juan Garrett, who also broke free of tackles and got the insurance points in the 4th quarter.

    They needed em. Antoine Custer stuck again with an absurd burst of speed, hitting the gap and might as well waved by to everyone because no one was going to get near him. TD De La Salle. 26-21.

    Trinity's last drive stalled around the De La Salle 35 or so. De La Salle had one last drive left and they started giving Trinity it's own medicine with a ground and pound attack. It was working and De La Salle got to the Trinity 30 but time was running out and De La Salle had one more trick up its sleeve. A quick pitch to Devin Asiasi and he set up to throw to a wide open Chris Vanderklugt in the left sideline. He was going to score but the ball sailed just a bit too long.

    Fourth down and Sweeney tries to keep the game going but the pass goes short and Trinity wins a thriller!!!

    (Stats provided by DFW Varisty)

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